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Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP)

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Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP)

PRP injections are a natural alternative to commercially manufactured steroids and prescribed medications. In this procedure, we mobilize your own body’s ability to promote healing and regeneration of injured or painful areas. The procedure is performed in our office and takes at most 30-45 minutes from start to finish, with minimal discomfort.

PRP contains concentrated platelets, cytokines, and growth factors that aid in the healing and recovery of problematic joints or soft tissue. Platelets are the components in blood that cause your blood to clot after an injury. PRP injections are often performed in a series for maximum efficacy.

Are You a Candidate for PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is advised for patients with pain during acute or chronic conditions such as: Osteoarthritis in any joint or Tendinopathy (tendonitis, torn tissue) in any ligament or tendon. Acute injuries can also be treated successfully with PRP. Injuries commonly treated with PRP therapy include rotator cuff, quadriceps, hamstrings, Achilles’ tendon injuries, knee ligamentous injuries and tennis elbow.

Essentially any tendon or ligament injury except complete tears may be treated successfully with PRP. PRP therapy is exactly the treatment needed to reduce the downtime of the athlete or individual while also reducing the chance of re-injury or perhaps, the risk of a more serious injury that will result in surgical intervention or permanent disability.

How Many Injections Does PRP Treatment Take

This is ultimately decided on a case-by-case basis. The provider may use an MRI or Ultrasound results to determine the number of injections. Typically, you will get between 1-3 injections, however some severe cases may require up to five injections.

How Much Does PRP Cost

Kim, our financial counselor, will work with you to determine if your insurance will cover the cost of PRP, or if you will need to pay out of pocket for the therapy. Due to the nature of this therapy, other forms of therapies may be included to help combine and compliment the healing nature of the platelets. Please talk with Kim for more detailed information.

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