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General Medicine


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General Medicine

At Anodyne of Westerville, we focus on rehabilitating your health and providing the best combination of non-opioid, non-surgical medical pain treatment and natural therapies for a unique pain-relieving experience. Our team of medical providers work in tandem to enable the highest quality care possible. Not only do we want to help you, but we want to do it safely. Our team ensures you are medically cleared for all our treatments before we start. Treatment plans frequently include a custom combination of medical pain relief that lowers pain and inflammation in the body. Our suite of injections can be utilized on almost any area of the body that is in pain. Joints can be cushioned and lubricated to perform better, while other areas of the body such as ligaments and tendons can benefit from injections to increase the body’s healing potential. Joint injections are minimally invasive and performed with the latest technology in real-time x-ray guidance to ensure that the medicine is perfectly placed. Additionally, our entire suite of injections is performed in an outpatient setting without need for hospital stays or extended recovery time. Our medical team also performs school and sports physicals.

Lifestyle Advice

An important part of the healing process involves avoiding activities that could aggravate the specific problem you are trying to correct. That’s why we “coach” our patients on which activities they should avoid or do differently while going through the healing process.  Our ultimate goal is to return you to activities that you love without causing more pain.

Nutritional Counseling

Healthy eating habits help accelerate the healing process. Anodyne of Westerville can provide you with an analysis of your current eating habits and guide you to make simple changes that will create a big impact on your health.
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