Step Into Spring Bundle


  • Choose between MICC Injection OR Lipo C Injection
  • PRP Injection
  • Athletic Infusion


The Step Into Spring bundle from Anodyne of Westerville offers you everything you need to show yourself a little love. Our bundle includes:

  • MICC Injection – Boosts energy and increases metabolism; strengthens your immune system; and improves your mood, mental function, and feelings of depression
    Lipo C Injection
    – Boosts energy and increases metabolism, helps convert food to energy, and decreases muscle recovery time
  • PRP Injection – Contains concentrated platelets, cytokines, and growth factors that aid in the healing and recovery of problematic joints or soft tissue
  • Athletic Infusion  – Increases energy and reduces inflammation, which is great for before or after athletic events or recovery from the gym

All for only $549 throughout the months of March and April!


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