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Buy one get one FREE! Best of all, you can mix and match which two infusions.

Choose your infusion from the dropdown below. Remember that the second infusion must be of equal or lesser value.

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IV therapy is a terrific delivery method for vitamins and fluids that your body craves. Because it’s intravenous, the absorption rate of these fluids is much greater than you get via digestion.

Buy one get one FREE! Best of all, you can mix and match which two infusions. This deal includes our:

  • Metabolism Turbocharge – help your body burn fat more efficiently, kick your metabolism into high gear, increase energy levels, and support healthy weight management and hormone function
  • Headache Extinguisher – combat your headache and its debilitating symptoms
  • Immuno-Booster – get ultra-immune system boost and support to combat the cold and flu season
  • Anti-Aging Elixir – boost the natural glow of your skin, promote healthier hair and stronger nails
  • Myers Cocktail Wellness – promote immunity to combat cold and flu season, strengthen nerve health, improve memory, boost energy, support circulatory system, and improve mood
  • Athletic Performance and Recovery – recover from or prepare for an athletic event or big gym days
  • Hydration (Fluids Only) 1000ml
  • Hydration (Fluids Only) 500ml

The free infusion will be of equal or lesser value than the one you choose at checkout. We currently cannot provide IV infusion services to anyone that is pregnant (without a doctor note stating otherwise) or under the age of 18. Our infusion services are not meant to diagnose or treat any illness or disease.

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Metabolism Supercharge, Headache Extinguisher, Immuno-Booster, Anti-Aging Elixir, Myers Cocktail Wellness, Athletic Performance and Recovery, Hydration 1000ml, Hydration 500ml


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