Helping you move from pain to wellness.
The goal of Phases of Care is to reverse your chronic pain and get you back to pain-free living (with no surgery or opioids) by completing our four step process:

During this phase, we focus on repairing damaged tissue, stabilizing structures, and mobilizing fixations through treatments like trigger point injections, spinal manipulation and decompression, and massage.

In Phase 2 we work to restore joint positions and range of motion, work on your core strength, and get you back to your normal activities. We do this through procedures like manual therapy, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation.

By continuing therapies introduced in the first two phases, in Phase 3, we get you back to your hobbies by focusing on increasing your joint and spinal curve stability and your muscular strength and endurance.
Phase 4 is the final phase where we can now focus on keeping you pain free through developing a diet and exercise routine and a regular cadence for spinal manipulation, decompression, and manual therapy.
If you’re living with chronic pain, come in and see us. Let’s get you back to doing what you love to do. Call 614-942-6986 to schedule.